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Electrical & Plumbing Contractors focused on making homes safer for tenants and providing property owners and managers with peace of mind.

Safe Home Package (Electrical, Gas and Smoke Alarms)

A combined service of our Electrical, Smoke Alarm and Gas Appliance Compliance testing. This subscription covers the required Gas Safety appliance, Electrical Periodic Verification and Smoke Alarm checks on your property and ensures you are complaint with recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act in Victoria.

All servicing is carried out by our licensed Electricians & Plumbers, supported by our client portal so that your service is completed in accordance with all applicable standards, codes and legislation and that records are readily available to everyone at all times.


Electrical Safety Service

Safety checks of electrical appliances, fixtures and installations. This inspection is due at least every 2 years to keep occupants safe from the danger associated with electrical faults and ensure landlords and property managers are fulfilling their obligations. From March 2021, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act in Victoria make these checks mandatory for leased property.

All servicing is carried out by one of our licensed electricians, in accordance with all applicable standards, codes and legislation.

Smoke Alarm Safety Service

Our comprehensive annual smoke alarm safety service ensures that each property is compliant with smoke alarm legislation in Victoria. We help keep occupants safe and ensure landlords and property managers are fulfilling their compliance obligations.

Servicing is carried out by our specially trained technicians using advanced technology to ensure the regulations are applied and the property's compliance is assured.


Gas Appliance Safety Service

From March 2021 changes to the Residential Tenancies Act will take effect that hold all Residential Landlords and Rental providers responsible for ensuring that their properties comply with the new safety requirements. All Plumb Plumbing provides peace of mind that every 2 years a Gas Safety Check is completed on all gas appliances, installations and fittings at a property to ensure that it is safe and compliant. Our subscription package provides a turnkey solution that will ensure that your property is compliant with the new legislation. Our integrated reporting and scheduling system makes managing compliance a breeze.

Working with Exxigo and All Plumb Plumbing has been as seamless as it could possibly get. From the first day of our decision to work with them, we had the confidence that our properties were compliant, our tenants were safe, our property owners were satisfied and most importantly, that we were providing a great service to our clients.

Daniela, Principle (Leased & Sold)

Exxigo and All Plumbs service is second to none. We simply have not had one issue with everything they have done for us. I couldn't recommend them enough.

Gino, Managing Agent, Ray White

The Exxigo Electricians and All Plumb Plumbers were amazing. They were courteous, professional and completed their testing without fuss. They were very respectful to our home and family and we were very thankful for that. 

Sandra, Awesome and Satisfied Customer (Tenant)





The safe home package combines the Electrical safety, Smoke Alarm and Gas Appliance safety tests on an annual subscription. This service offers are package discount of and ensures complete compliance.

  • Everything detailed in the Electrical and Smoke Alarm Safety Package

  • Everything detailed in the Gas Appliance Safety Package

  • Client portal for all registered properties allowing managing agents 24 hour visibility of all properties and applicable documentation.

  • Fixed asset management via QR codes providing full service history 

  • FREE replacement of 'like for like' safety switches, circuit breakers, standard light switches, power-points and thermocouples.

  • FREE callouts on all inspected items

  • NO additional charges unless significant faults are found


+GST annually

+$199 top up fee 1st year only



This service includes a full service and compliance test of all fixed appliances, fittings, switchboards and smoke alarms and is scheduled every year.

  • General Switchboard condition

  • Overhead lines

  • RCD (safety switch) tests on all circuits 

  • Polarity check of all accessible Power-points

  • Main Earth &  Loop impedance test

  • A thorough inspection of all landlord provided appliances

  • A maintenance check on every smoke alarm including smoke, button and decibel tests

  • FREE replacement of smoke alarm batteries

  • Replacing faulty or expired smoke alarms* including free callouts (for Exxigo inspected alarms)

  • Confirmation of alarm positioning to ensure compliance

  • Detailed inspection reports


+GST annually



This service includes a full service and compliance test of all fixed GAS appliances and is scheduled every 2 years.

  • Gas safety check by a fully qualified Gas Fitter

  • Gas mains and installation testing

  • Gas installation leakage testing

  • Negative pressure test of all applicable appliances

  • Servicing of all gas appliances

  • Carbon Monoxide testing of gas appliances

  • Safety report detailing results and any compliance issues

  • Free record keeping and scheduling

  • Free quotes for any rectifications required for the property to achieve compliance


+GST every 2 years

Up to 2 appliances

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